Top 5 Travel Blogs

travel blogs


There are a lot of travel blogs out there and some really good ones.
So today I want to tell you which ones I really like and why.

  1. Y Travel Blog

When I was doing research for Australia Y Travel was the first blog I found and I have been hooked ever since. Caz and Craig have just travelled through there home country, Australia, with their two kids documenting their journey.
I love the way Caz and Craig write and if you are looking for a certain topic it is very easy to find. No wonder they are one of the top travel blogs out there.

  1. Naomi in Wonderland

Naomi in Wonderland is actually a lifestyle blog but now it’s more turning into a travel blog. Her blogs are easy to read, with lots of tips and she helps you whenever she can.

  1. Alex in Wanderland

I just recently found this blog and I just fell in love with it. After reading a couple blogs of Alex I noticed that we have a lot in comment. Which makes certain topics more understandable and knowing I am not alone with that ‘problem’.

  1. Young Adventuress

When I was looking up New Zealand I came across this blog. Liz makes amazing pictures, gives tips and is very honest. Sometimes I think a bit to honest and that annoys me sometimes but that doesn’t stop me to check her blog out over and over again.

  1. Nomadic Matt

Matt has been traveling since 2006. On his blog he tells you it is possible to travel without a lot of money and how to do it. Very interesting.


I know most of them are well known blogs but besides Y Travel Blog and Nomadic Matt I didn’t find these blogs that easy. I have found a couple good ones but then I closed the tabs, didn’t think about it for a while and then lost them. So when I do find them again I was thinking about doing a new top 5 but with travel bloggers like you and me (aka don’t get paid to travel, Naomi in Wonderland doesn’t get paid btw).
Would you like that?

Do you have any travel blogs that I need to check out? Please let me know in the comment below!



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