5 things I hate about traveling

In 5 days I will be on a plane to Iceland! Time flies and sometimes I think I am not quite ready yet to leave again. I just have been so busy with work, taking other trips and planning everything for Canada that I have the feeling that I still have a million things to do!

But I am getting there. When I was thinking about what to pack I thought about how much I hated this process and that got me thinking about the other things that I don’t really like about traveling.

Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling and the process to get to my destinations but there are some things I really don’t like about traveling.

So, let me tell you about the 5 things I hate about traveling. Ok, hate is a big word but you get the point ;). 

5 things I hate about traveling

  1. Packing

Let’s face it. Packing isn’t fun. It is more annoying when you have to pack a backpack for a whole year with all four seasons. I am still thinking how to get everything with me to Canada. This is going to be a challenge!

  1. Transportation

Exploring a city or a country gives me an amazing feeling but getting there is where I am not a big fan of.

Ok I can sleep everywhere (train/bus/car/…) but sometimes I can’t sleep and I try to make the best of the situation but it still drives me crazy and even more when there are delays and when you have a connecting flight you are always stressed in hoping to get there on time.

Because lets face it, it’s never fun to have delays when you are looking forward to your vacation or when you are ready to go home and sleep in your own bed.

5 things I hate about traveling

  1. Crowds

I love concerts and traveling but I don’t like big crowds. Weird, I know. But the reason for that is that most people only think about themselves.

For example: when I want to take a picture of a landscape I wait until I can take the picture how I want it and get out of the way of the people who are taking it at the time, because I don’t mind waiting. But there are so many people that just ignore that fact and are just in yours and everyone else’s way.

Tip: if you go to a very tourist spot it is normal that there are a lot of people. So make sure you go there early or late afternoon so you can avoid the tourist busses.

  1. Cleanliness

I don’t mind getting myself dirty for example while camping and I can go to the toilet anywhere in the world (squatting of course) but when it comes to sleeping and showering I prefer it to be clean!

  1. Going home

I love traveling and exploring new cities and countries but I do sometime miss my family and bed but when it is time to go home I am never really ready to go back home. It is never fun leaving the people you met on your travels behind because when would you see them again? And I always have the feeling I am not done exploring that certain country or city.


These are my 5 things I hate about traveling but I don’t mind them if I can travel the world!
What annoys you about traveling? I would love to hear them.




  1. November 4, 2016 / 3:21 pm

    Wat een leuk artikel!
    Ikzelf vind de heenreis niet zo’n probleem, maar die terugreis… man man… verschrikkelijk!
    Ik denk dat dat komt omdat ik op de heenreis weet waar ik naar toe ga en dat dat een ontzettend gave plek is. Dan maakt het me niet uit hoe lang de reis duurt. Echter wil ik aan het einde van een reis gewoon naar huis en kan dat me niet snel genoeg gaan, hoe mooi en gaaf de reis ook was. Vijftien uur in het vliegtuig vind ik op zo’n moment ook killing en op de heenweg zeker weten niet.

    • November 4, 2016 / 3:30 pm

      Dank je!
      Haha ja dat snap ik ook best wel. Toen ik terug vloog van Australië had ik echt geen zin om 32u te vliegen! Maar heen gaan natuurlijk geen probleem! Waar ik het vooral moeilijk mee heb is de reis tot op het vliegtuig. Stress dat ik niet op tijd ben, vertragingen, enzo.

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