My Travel Pet Peeves!

Travel Pet Peeves

I love traveling and exploring a different country but getting there sometimes isn’t so much fun.
I have talked about how to survive a long flight and even though I sleep most of the time I do get annoyed about certain things/people. You can also called it pet peeves but then travel pet peeves ;-).

So let me tell you what my travel pet peeves are and maybe you will agree.

Bringing and eating intense smelly food like Mac Donalds.
Keep in mind you aren’t the only one on the plane. Fast Food or any other smelly food can be very intense when the other person isn’t eating it as well. I know because I like peanut butter but if I am not eating it and someone else is then I just can’t stand smell!
And also, is it really so hard to eat with your mouth closed?!

Arriving late at boarding gate.
I know that it is possible you had traffic or your other flight was delayed and I totally understand that but there are a lot of people who just don’t care and arrive when everyone else is in their seats. But please get there on time. You have plenty of time anyway when they announce boarding.

I have to admit this happened one time with my sister’s family and me. We were on time but we were eating and we thought we had enough time. Boy we were so wrong! We were the last one on the plane and having those eyes on you isn’t fun. The plane left on time though! But again, sorry people!

Wearing too much perfume/deodorant or even worst, nothing.
Please shower at least 12 hours before boarding and keep the perfume and deodorant to a minimum.

One time, on a night flight, I sat next to person who had been drinking all evening and he just smelled like alcohol and sweat. I never really complain because I mostly sleep on the plane anyway but I couldn’t bare the smell that I asked for a different seat.
Fortunately this wasn’t a problem.

Standing up when the plane hasn’t yet come to a complete stop.
First of all this is very stupid. It doesn’t mean that we landed that nothing can go wrong. Ever seen the video of a ‘parked’ plane getting hit by another plane?! If not, look it up on Youtube. Now you will understand why.

Also the doors won’t go open faster because you decide to stand up. Take your time and you will be less stressed. Plus you have to wait for your baggage or at security anyway.

Clapping when landing.
I cringe when people start clapping when we land. WHY?!
‘Lucky’ this mostly only happens with short flights.

Inconsiderate parents of children.
I know flying with kids is hard; I experience that this month, but please teach your kids to behave. I totally understand that the whole flight can’t be perfect but if you show us that you try people will understand better.

Nothing is more annoying to watch parents ignore their children misbehaving.

Palm trees

Crying babies/children.
I love kids I do and I totally understand that the little ears hurt but please do some research before flying with little kids. Give your baby a pacifier or something to drink when flying and landing. This helps a lot and everyone including your child will be very grateful for this.

People who move my carry-on in the overhead bin.
I know there isn’t always enough room and you have to move carry-ones here and there but putting my bag completely somewhere else is just plain rude and very scary if you haven’t seen it being moved. Just ask, it’s not that hard!

When I travelled to Australia someone moved my carry-on without me knowing. When we landed I wanted to take my bag but it wasn’t there. I looked around but couldn’t find it. I got a panic attack and even ran outside the plane and back. I was ready to get the first plane back home.
Turned out they had moved it to business class and put another bag in front of it.

People standing up by pulling on the backrest of the seat in front.
It annoyed me so much when people pulled on my backrest to get up and of course it always happens when I am just about to fall asleep.

But since my mom starting having problems with her legs/knees I understand why she needs help pulling herself up but there is still a different between pulling and PULLING.

People that tap too hard on the touch screen.
It’s a touch screen not a thump screen. Also please check if there is a remote control.
PS: it’s (normally) in your armrest 😉

Unprepared for security.
I know I have travelled a lot already and I am almost a pro at security but when you see people getting everything out of their pockets please do so too because you will be holding up the whole line.

I had it to many times that people didn’t understand why they had to get everything out of their pockets. I have seen people getting things out of there that I will never understand.

Loud talking people.
I don’t mind you talking but if I am sitting on the other side of the plane and I can still hear you that means you are too loud!
More annoying is when people start talking really loud when the cabin crew turns off the lights and you are trying to sleep.

Travel Pet Peeves

Wow that was a lot of frustration, haha. But don’t let this stop you!
I probably missed a couple but what are your travel pet peeves?

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  1. September 3, 2015 / 10:53 am

    Yes, yes and um YES! Although I tried to not let it get to me as much because otherwise I’d just go insane.

    The only time I thought it was acceptable to clap when the plane landed was on my way to Italy last week. We had a super bumpy flight, it got very scary at times (as in, people were practically screaming) and I felt a huge relieve upon arrival.

    Xx naomi

    • September 3, 2015 / 8:43 pm

      True! Try not let it get to you because you will get insane. Just sleep like I do 😉
      Yeah definitely scary! Happy everything went okay.

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