Hello there, my name is Marlies, a Dutch girl born in Norway but living in Belgium. Can you still follow?

I have been traveling all my life. At first with my family, then with friends and now even alone. Traveling is easily the thing that makes me happiest in life. The memories I’ve created along the way are memories that will stay with me forever.

In 2014 I went to Australia for a full year. I decided to make a blog for my friends and family so they were up to date with all my adventures as I didn’t had the time, between seeing dolphins and walking on the prettiest beaches, to repeat my story over and over again to all people who were interested. During that year I discovered I liked writing and I got better and better every time I posted a blog.

Over the years I’ve received so many questions from friends and other people about Australia, Thailand, Europe and pretty much every country I’ve ever visited. People wanted to know what they had to do if they wanted to travel for a longer amount of time and what not to do in certain countries.

And that’s when I decided I wanted to create an actual travel blog with all my tips & tricks, stories and pictures of all my travels.

So that’s how my Magnificent Escape started. So now the real question is, do you want to escape with me??